5 Trending Potential Career Options from the Architecture Field

5 Trending Potential Career Options from the Architecture Field

Architecture, first of all is a professional degree courses endow us with many good career options. The primary options are- Architect, Post secondary Architecture Teacher, Construction Manager, Architectural Manager, Urban and Regional Planner. But wait— there is a lot more to studying architecture than just appreciation of marvelous designs.
5 Trending Potential Career Options from the Architecture Field
Career in Architecture is attractive, lucrative, as well as it has wide prospective in terms of development. Furthermore, getting yourself well versed with latest architectural software like auto CAD, Revit, Sketch UP, Photoshop etc. would help you to get an easy entry at professional level with a decent salary package.

  • Architectural Critic

We look building around us, but do we talk about them?

An Architectural critic is the best audience for the architectures. They can talk about design better – more descriptively, eloquently, passionately. They learn how to read a building, an urban plan, a developer’s rendering, and to see where critique might make a difference. Architectural critic talk about height and bulk, style and sustainability, openness of architecture and of process. They need to know is how to recognize, articulate and argue for such continuing moments of beauty. An Architectural critic becomes an advocate for buildings.

Skills needed to an Architectural critic:-1) firstly you need to be a decent writer. 2) in addition to it be prolific in output and 3) finally practice as much as you can

  • Digital Designing

The job of a Digital Designer is of creating visually stunning and user-friendly web pages and interfaces. They are mainly responsible for the creation and delivery of a range of cross-platform digital work. This ever-evolving role therefore requires someone who constantly keeps themselves updated with relevant skills and area of expertise.

“If you can dwell into the combination behavioral and performance analysis as well as combine design, communication, and programming. Then yes, you can definitely opt for digital designing.”

The job roles call for delivering effective, aesthetic, on-brand, and on-strategy creative for websites, web pages, product graphics (including art direction of photography), email   promotional creative, email templates, social media graphics, and banner ads.


  • Architectural Journalism

The writers/journalists who write articles and cover events for magazines and websites, related to this domain thus specialize in Architectural Journalism. It is a profession which expresses different marvelous architectural pieces, on understanding its motive, concepts and service.

“Architectural Journalist is the one who silently narrates about the untold stories of building and monuments.”

Architectural journalism is this facet of buildings realizations, its structures and expressing it with the power of words. Along with the degree in Architecture if get a degree and internship in the discipline of media and journalism, you get a foot in the door of your desired field. Hence, the world of Architectural Journalism is exceptional to many in India.

  • Architectural Tourism

Architectural Tourism is the exploration of the value of iconic buildings to tourism and the benefits transfer method is used to estimate the value of the building/Monument to tourism. The kind of architecture, a building has, can tell about the culture as well as history of a place .

“When a vacation is taken solely to look at these historical monuments and study different architectural styles,”

This therefore gives an opportunity to look and examine these buildings and architectural masterpiece up close and hence can have a better look at these buildings that we had only be seen in magazines and television.

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Expert

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Expert works in the domain of the creation and use of coordination, consistency, computing information about a building project in design – parametric information used for design decision making, production of high-quality construction documents, and prediction of building performance, cost estimating and construction planning.

“Building Information Modeling (BIM) is virtual construction of building in detail”

You can also use this 3-D building model to analyze the designed building’s energy efficiency by running “what if” scenarios to determine the best of several potential solutions.  BIM is not just the latest release of CAD software; it is an entirely new way of looking at the design and construction of a building.


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