Career in Management in India, Courses, Skill

Career in Management in India, Courses, Skill

Career in management has wide scope. It has globally proved its significance. In India it has not much importance in the later decades. But in this rapid developing era, it has got its part in India. It has out grown its importance not only in the big industries but in the traditional thought of India society.

Career in Management

There was a time when parents wanted their child to take medical or engineering as profession but now they themselves are sending them in the field of the management. This change itself how management have changed it significance. In this article, career in management will be discussed in detail.

What is Management?

The wordy meaning of management is to manage. Career in Management is multifold job. This includes not only the management of official work but also the management of human resources, tasks, financial assets, strategic planning, and objectives regarding work. Management does also involve the management of data in online or offline form for further uses of the company or organization in other terms. Management does not confined to only the person who is at the post of manager, supervisor or coordinator. But somehow each of the employee in a company is doing management. So, career in management has wide spread opportunity. Because each company is in search of highly skilled candidates who is elite in terms of management.

 Functions in management.

  • Planning: this involves a strategic map made for the execution of future target. To fulfill these target one requires to make all the necessary steps, decision on papers. So, to achieve the objective of the company planning is done.
  • Organizing(or staffing): this involves the management and organization of the human resources as well as the non-human resources. This is one of the most important function in Career in Management.
  • Coordinating: this involves the implantation of the planning of the objectives by making the human and the non-human resources coordinated.
  • Commanding(or leading):  this involves the in taking of the necessary decision and the instruction at required situations.


  • Controlling: this function involves the checking of the work going on regularly for the fulfillment of the objective of the organization.

Basic roles of candidates with career in Management.

 Interpersonal: in this role, the candidates need to interact and coordinates with the employee but to the head for the betterment of organization and fulfilment of target. The post you can get as an in this role of career in management is leader, supervisor, coordinator.

Informational:  in this role the candidates need to store, handle, and share and analyse the information according to the need of organization. The post you can get as an in this role of career in management is Nerve centre and disseminator.

Decision: in this role the candidates’ decision making capacity is quite taken at test. The job one can be offered in this role can be of an Entrepreneur, negotiator, and allocator. This is one of the best option in career in management.

Career in Management

The career graph in management has no limit. But it depends on your abilities and capacity to perform best. There are many field that quite some better opportunity for the one who is ready to take risk and give his best in pressuring situation. For this the candidates should choose the best field of management in accordance with his ability. The next thing he need to do is that to do a course in that field. After that he must to an internship to use every of the lessons practically.  The main field for Career in Management are:

  • Consulting management
  • Entrepreneurship management
  • Human Resources management
  • General Management
  • Non-Profit
  • Operations Management
  • Strategic Planning

The Work of the Manager:

The working area of a manager differ in accordance with the job profile, level of organization, department and his role in the company. In this section we have described basic work that a candidate which is pursuing Career in Management has to do.

  • To hire well qualified employees who can participate and cooperate for the fulfilment of objectives of the company.
  • To train and develop the employees in such a way for making an enthusiastic team who can work with full concentration to fulfil the goal of organization.
  • To lead the team for to achieve the objective and target of the company.
  • To plan and create the goal and strategy of the company. the candidates with Career in Management need to keep this in their mind that this is one of the most importance work as a manager
  • In the job profile of sales manager, the main work is to manage the cost and budgets and collecting revenues which are profitable for the company.
  • Developing and creating reports.
  • Making an optimistic environment for all the employees.
  • To create marketing reports, to share outcomes and actions.
  • Commencement of the new task given and solving of the dispute and problem.
  • To share and to give new target, programs, ideas and results.
  • To resolve differences and resource-related matters.
  • Making Interacting with customers.
  • To make Customer-facing team members understand how to meet customer needs. the candidates with Career in Management need to keep this in their mind that this is also one of the most importance work as a manager
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