JEE advanced 2018 Preparations tips! How to prepare for JEE Advanced in last minutes?

JEE advanced 2018 Preparations tips! How to prepare for JEE Advanced in last minutes?

JEE Advanced 2018 admit card has been released. JEE advanced  2018 is going to be held on 20th may 2018. So, aspirants are in search of JEE Advanced 2018 Preparations Tips, which could make them score maximum marks in exam.

JEE advanced 2018 Preparations tips

JEE Advanced is conducted by CBSE. JEE is considered to be the toughest exam of India. So, there is an obsession, desperation and some kind of depression among them for getting success in this exam. In this article we will be giving you of JEE Advanced 2018 Preparations Tips, so that you could crack JEE Advanced be in one of the IITs.


No to New topics:

It is a common phenomenon in students that when there is few days are left in exam. They stop revising the topics which they are good at. Instead they get in others words and start reading a topic which is alien to them. It does nothing, but kills the most valuable last minute time of JEE Advanced candidates. It takes hours and even days, which could have been used for betterment of what had been learnt earlier.

Read self-made notes:

Good students have a habit of making notes. Even having a number of good book, they like to write topics in their own words, which is easy to understand. This self-made notes are quiet helpful in last minute. In the last few days, one cannot open those thick books and read line to line. In this case these self-made notes feels like good gift to an aspirant of JEE Advanced.


In the last days before JEE Advanced 2018, one cannot open all books of IIT and read it thoroughly. One have to revise topic concisely with full concentration. So that they could get good marks. Revise concepts and solve related questions to it. Don’t forget to solve related sample papers. One should not leave the topic in a subject that they are good at, it should revise may be in zest but it should be done. One should give focus and give a little more time in the topic which is tough fort one to understand and solve related numerical. Other JEE Advanced 2018 Preparations Tips is given below.

Time Management:

To revise all the important topic and to get good marks, time management skill is required. Time management is one of the important factors of success or failure of a student. One should make a time table by dividing subjects with total study hours. He should make target of topic for revision for each of the subject. He should keep this in mind that the topic should be realistic and achievable.

Mock test

JEE advanced 2018 mock test has been released online. Candidate should take maximum number of online mock test to get familiar with the online test of JEE Advanced. This would let them have an ease in terms of exam pattern, timing and off course online exam. It is the best way for preparation of JEE- Advanced. It will help student make analysis of their performances and improve it.

Daily target:

Manage your time. Make targets on daily basis. Try to achieve it. This will motivate you and you and fill you with confidence.

Subject wise plan:

If you will prepare for exam in unplanned way, it won’t do anything but leave you tension, depression and finally exam pressure. And it will give you a bad result. So, you need to make strategy for exam, you need to make subject wise plan. Give few hours to each of the subject. Give maximum hours on the subject you think you are weak at, but due to this don’t sacrifice time from the subject you are good at. Make a sequence of preparation like: Tough Topic > medium level topic > easy level topic. The benefit you will have with it is that it will you will have already revise the hard topics and lastly when easy topics will be left, you won’t feel the exam pressure. And you will confidence bubbling within you, which will keep you optimistic and positive during exam this matters most. This is one of the most important JEE Advanced 2018 Preparations Tips.

Solve PREVIOUS year question paper:

After revision or with it, you need to continuously solve previous year JEE advanced question paper. It will help you making familiar with pattern of exam, types of question, difficulty level. It will help you analyze your weak points, performance. Lastly it will make you gain confidence.


Studying 24 hours is not at all good. As this will make you physically exhausted and this would lead you have medical problem. No any student would like to have any health issue before their exam. So, you need to take rest between two study periods. Take breaks as it makes you refreshed and you will be back with more confidence in you.

Stay healthy

As mentioned above food is too necessary. It is one of the three basic necessity of human. Without eating you won’t get energy and without energy you won’t be able to study. These are all inter connected with each other. If you won’t take proper diet or skip meals this may cause you weakness and other deficiency and health issues may arise. And no student would like to get into one. So, take proper diet and at time, avoid junk food, oily, fatty products.

 Take good sleep

Students need to understand that waking up at night like owl won’t make you clear JEE Advanced. Because of this your body won’t get the proper rest that it requires to. At that moment you will have studies. But later on your body would give it response in certain health issue, which will affect your result. So, take proper sleep, dot stress out yourself.

So. These were all important JEE Advanced 2018 Preparations Tips that each of JEE advanced aspirants should follow for getting successful in upcoming exam. Well! Best of luck to all.

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